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About Us

Simple Beauty Naturals® accentuates the beauty of all humanity, one individual at a time, while preserving and restoring the natural beauty of the Earth.©”

Our story begins on the cocoa plantations of Venezuela. Aja, a former franchisee of a large franchise, left the US for Venezuela in 2009 after selling the assets to her franchise.

She has a passion for business and knew she wanted to offer business opportunities to people who share that passion.

Why Venezuela? Who knows? Aja is adventurous like that. But maybe it was something magical about that move because the naturalness of Venezuela’s cocoa plantations gave her an up close experience with using the best ingredients on the planet for skincare.

But there was something else. Aja had horrific bouts of eczema that were exacerbated by the many products on the market that claimed to help. A devout believer in holistic health and student of Chinese Medicine, she knew she had a duty to come up with real solutions.

Aja combined her love of using plants, herbs, and vegetables for health with her passion for business and Simple Beauty Naturals® was born.


Why Our Products are Unscented

Dangers of Fragrances
Simple Beauty Naturals products are all fragrance free. Because we are dedicated to the health of you, ourselves, and the environment; we don’t use essential oils or synthetic fragrances.

Essential oils are plant based, heavily concentrated oils that are extracted from plants. Many times, they are preserved in alcohol. Alcohol can be drying and a possible irritant to people with sensitive skin. In addition, even if the essential oils aren’t alcohol based, one drop of essential oil can represent a huge portion of a plant or flower. Because of this high concentration, they can irritate and even damage the skin if not used with caution. The scents emitted from essential oils usually don’t last as long as scents from synthetic fragrances. Therefore, many brands of essential oils add petroleum and other potentially dangerous oils to their formulas so that the scents will last. Essential oils such as lavender, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and peppermint break down the collagen in skin and can eventually heighten the prevalence of wrinkles.

Synthetic fragrances are fragrances that are manufactured in labs. They contain an abundance of harmful chemicals including carcinogens and hormone disruptors. They have been connected to kidney disease, respiratory disease, nausea, dizziness, and damage to the central nervous system.